Advanced Aircraft Company 

Hybrid Advanced Multi-Rotor


Advanced aerodynamic design minimizes drag and maximizes mission performance


Hybrid electric propulsion provides a large improvement in energy density over batteries, enabling longer flight times 


Onboard batteries provide power for a safe landing in the event that the combustion engine fails


Cold + Compression therapies are the most effective means of treating soft-tissue injuries. This product combines the best of both worlds. Frog-Skin™ Tape is designed to be compact, portable and easy to use anywhere.  

Simply wrap the injured area prior to normal ice application. Frog-Skin provides precision temperature control AND compression therapy that lasts for hours.

University Technical Services

 University Technical Services, Inc. (UTS) is a Small Business with extensive expertise in consulting, design, engineering, and execution of IT, AV, and Security systems as well as scientific research and engineering services across a broad range of technical areas for both open and classified programs.

Laser and Plasma Technologies

Modular Photonic End Effector Tools for Challenging Environments 

Automated Corrosion Detection & Remediation System

Development of Optic Fiber Based Hybrid Spectroscope

Fiber Coupled Multi-Purpose Corrosion Control System

Corrosion Identification, Removal, Cleaning of Galvanic Couples in Difficult to Access Areas 

Monitoring Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication by Active Machine Vision

Laser Removal of Composite Coatings and Damaged Areas

Techniques, Processes Tools for Implementing an Integrated Corrosion Detection System