The leading innovation center for deep technology entrepreneurs.

Reaktor Technology Innovation Center provides researchers and scientists with the resources they need to validate, commercialize, grow, and fund their revolutionary technologies.

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Reaktor has helped startups like these raise $22 million+ in funding to date.

It’s not  just about what you innovate.

It’s also about having a robust understanding of business.

Creating something extraordinary is what got you this far. But there’s more to commercializing than just the end product. It's not what you know it’s who you know, is more true than ever when you’re looking for funding.

In partnership with the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA), we’ve helped researchers, engineers, and inventors make the connections they need to launch.

Join our membership to connect with talented top-of-class experts in materials sciences/chemistry, aerospace, robotics, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, quantum information sciences, biotechnology, clean energy, and more.

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Find investors, funding & partners.

We’ll help connect you with the right people to further your project goals.

Access free business services.

Lean on free advisors for grant applications, business plans, accounting, and legal.

Connect with subject matter experts.

Expand your project quickly with 250+ expert researchers ready and waiting.

Centralized office & lab space.

Join our state-of-the-art workspace in Hampton, Virginia.

Group of people discussing business ideas.

You’re part of an all-encompassing innovation center.

Decided to partner up so you can focus on the research and not business technicalities? Or looking to contact a venture capitalist in your industry verticle?

We’ll introduce you to the right people from our extensive network so you can hit the ground running.

Get hands-on help with grants and private fundraising.

To take the stress out of an already-complex funding process, mentors help you find eligible grants and write applications. Our ultimate goal? To make sure you get awarded funds for long-term development.

To date, Reaktor has an excellent success rate, helping to secure more than $22 million in grant and venture funding.

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Axiom Station.

Your startup success story starts with a video call.

Three years ago, Psionic came to us for lab space and business mentorship. Today, the training wheels are off and they’ve won numerous awards and are providing technology that is helping NASA build Axiom Station — the world’s first commercial space station.

Willing to bet your invention could be of the same caliber? Book a call with us and we’ll help you get started, just like we helped Psionic.

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We specialize in helping innovators build deep tech businesses that solve big problems.

Our skills lie in turning world-changing ideas into world-changing solutions. If that’s what you’re aiming to acheive, then we can help you get there.

In most cases, companies that work with Reaktor help revolutionize infrastructures at a massive scale. We’re a good fit if you:

· Are pre series A funding.
· Have a scientific or technical track record.
· Are willing to register your business in Hampton, Virginia.

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Group of people discussing business ideas.

Validate the commercial viability of your idea.

Every startup founder fundamentally follows the scientific method.

When you decide to commercialize (aka your hypothesis to solve a market need), it's time to experiment, test, and analyze. But just like in science, it’s vital to know how to test.

That’s why having the right business mentors in your corner is so important. Without them, you can’t even begin to prove your market needs hypothesis right or wrong… because you can’t run an accurate test.

That’s why Reaktor was formed; to provide scientists the tools they need to build a business.

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Is Reaktor the right fit for you?

That’s a good starting question. If you suspect “yes”, then it’s time to put our experts to the test by booking a 30-minute call.

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